Work Smarter, Not Harder

During The School Year


To build organization and planning skills

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$59/mo for 1-4 mos.
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SCOPES provides families with essential tools and support to upgrade the way students and parents work together as a study team.

Imagine How Your Child Will Feel Ending Up Here

Imagine How Your Child Will Feel Ending Up Here

  • Suitable for ages 8-21
  • At-home
  • After-school
  • To produce higher-quality work
  • In less time (than you are spending now)

SCOPES’s design is different. Other support programs place too much emphasis on what kids are doing wrong. SCOPES’ strength-based approach helps families discover – and then build upon – what is already ‘right’  for each child as an individual.

Customizing ‘fit’ for each student is important. A customized study routine is more likely to become a comfortable habit day in and day out, without parental nagging and homework-time drama.

Families don’t shop for jeans and t-shirts based on the sizes other kids wear! The best study method isn’t the one that’s the most complex. Rather, we’ve learned that the best method for building academic confidence is a long-term success plan that’s a good fit to begin with.