Eleven Weeks

Your 11 week investment can lead to a lifetime boost in confidence:

Invest Time To Save Time
Imagine How Your Child Will Feel Ending Up Here

Imagine How Your Child Will Feel Ending Up Here

Your family’s investment of an hour or two each week to upgrade your academic coaching skills should save you AT LEAST that many weeks of worry, guilt and/or homework drama over the next semester or two.

We appreciate it can sometimes be a challenge to carve even a few extra minutes out of your busy family’s day. Should your child roll their eyes about (yet another) ‘intervention,’ try to emphasize how SCOPES has the potential to be a win-win for the whole family:
… less anxiety for parents (as good for them as it is for you!)
… more free time for kids to spend doing things they like to do more than homework.

Your First Week Is Free We provide the basic building blocks of SCOPES for free for several reasons.

  • we want you to be comfortable that Scopes is the right approach for your child.
  • we’re committed to providing research-based building blocks for all families, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • we think it’s important that there are no barriers holding you back from starting right away.


Weekly Workshops We host two SCOPES workshops each week.  One is live (online), the other is a video replay we will email to you later in the week to reinforce the concepts introduced in each week’s online session.
Parents and Students Working Together As A Team The ‘secret formula’ behind SCOPES (although maybe not that secret if we publish this on the Internet) is, in part, the framework we’ll help you build and customize.

Then the second equally essential piece to the upgrade puzzle is to fine-tune the way that the two of you work together.

20 Student Lessons SCOPES includes 20 lessons for parents and students working together.

Two additional lessons are provided for parents-only – thus 22 lessons in total. 

At two sessions per week, it takes 11 weeks to finish the complete program. Some families choose to stay longer and repeat a session or two for review and reinforcement. You are allowed to stay for more weeks if you find it helpful. Otherwise you’ll need just 11 weeks to get through the complete program.

Options Based On Student Age While the broader SCOPES framework is the same for all ages, some of the examples we use for teenage students are more complex than a younger student might encounter. So depending on your schedule (and ours), we will dedicate at least one workshop each week to the needs of younger (elementary-aged) students.
No Contracts This isn’t a health club or cell-phone contract. Sign up for your first week for free. Then stay for as many – or as few* – months as you feel are productive. If a SCOPES philosophy is meeting your needs, we don’t need a contract to keep you coming back.

* Tech-savvy parents have pointed out that our ‘attendance-security’ system leaves a lot to be desired and that its possible for someone to watch a workshop they haven’t paid for. We’re aware of the unlocked doors. But for the time being, we prefer to invest in program development and let participants operate on the honor system. If it gets to be a problem, we’ll hire a tech to take care of it.

Start Anytime Our rotating workshop schedule allows you to start at any time, including as early as next week. (Details ahead).