Customized Treatment for Specific Student Needs

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Optimal Learning is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We understand you are concerned. Much is at stake, yet there are few clear answers and no quick fixes.

Please don’t feel pressured or guilty. You need to be confident that the treatment approach you embrace is the right one for YOUR child (as opposed to say, a plan that may or may not have worked for other kids in your cul-de-sac, school or doctor’s office).

Most of the programs/services we provide are available either free outright, or at least free to try. None of our offerings are linked to side-effects such as insomnia, anxiety, stunted growth or ‘feeling like a zombie’.


Our advice:
✓ Take small, affordable steps
✓ Start now
✓ Don’t feel pressured to medicate if you still have concerns
✓ Learn from new research
✓ Focus on building academic strength
✓ Build a community of supportive, caring advocates for your child’s long term needs

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