SCOPES was designed in 2012 by a Harvard-trained learning specialist. The S in SCOPES stands for ‘Strength-based.’

Strength-based coaching is a game-changer because it boosts student performance and confidence by shifting the emphasis from detecting errors to improving skills.

In comparison,

  • Error-coaching , usually thought of as ‘old-school,’ is likely to hit a wall and back-fire with students who are not naturally efficient. (On the other hand, Old-School coaching is probably fine for students who already perform at a high (90-95%) level).
  • Punishment-coaching is only appropriate for students who intentionally and sincerely prefer chaos (think Bart Simpson) to harmony.
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Research indicates that an error-correction approach is less effective for inefficient students who typically need frequent adult assistance (parent, teacher, tutor, etc) to maintain a 90% performance level.

Emphasizing error-awareness in these cases usually hurts more than it helps. Few kids who repeatedly face an uphill climb need more reminders that they are falling short of expectations.

A stream of negative feedback that repeats itself week after week – or even day after day – ends well in the short term (maybe) with improved quiz and test scores. But gains are often short-lived, if they are forced at the expense of draining self-confidence and vitality that will be needed in the months and years ahead.

Strength-based coaching helps you get results without draining reserves. Our approach is likely to be similar in many ways to what you are doing now. We will help you add a few subtle, yet crucial, layers to your existing routines to help shift the mission from navigating a minefield of mistakes to seeking out constructive ways to improve.